25 seconds to catch a lover, 25 minutes to get in bed, 25 hours to bow out, 25 months to ring up, 25 years to be forever. We seek the seducer, the fucker, the loser, the lover and the forever to recount their 25:25:25:25:25 ventures with their handy, their cells, their mobiphones.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Mobi-OUTFEST [casting-update]

"Subject: Why I should shoot Mobiopera"
"Because I see the world in my own special way, because there is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than allowing others to experience my vision and because I'm Bob King and I directed PSYCHO BEACH PARTY."

FUCKER: Joe Castro
"A young man who is trying to sleep with everyone of his best friend's boy friends before the end of the festival as a dare from his "Fag Hag"." This is going to be a real treat and hot, Hot, HOT!.... for all because I directed"The YOUNG, The GAY and The RESTLESS"

LOSER: Michael Lucid
"one thing, though --- i do not own a phone that can shoot video (it only takes still photos)."

LOVER: Michaline Babich
"i want to make sure i'm on the same page as you before i start creating!"

FOREVER: Penny Arcade and Anna Margarita Albelo
"so if i choose to be 'forever' what would that mean? ....I thought of doing an Anna Magnani type silent film...based on Le Voix Humane by cocteau which she played which is really the loser...."